About the Port Kennedy Association (PKA)

Mission Statement

The Port Kennedy Association (PKA) is a non­profit community organization that was incorporated in 1987 by local Thursday Island residents as an advocacy to government on issues that affect our area and lifestyle.

The PKA office is located at the Port Kennedy Hall in Douglas Street (main street of TI) Thursday Island.

The Port Kennedy services extend through areas of Thursday Island, Horn Island and Prince of Wales Island. Port Kennedy was the original name of the Thursday Island harbor and the association has retained this name to reflect the multicultural society that make up Tl's unique lifestyle.

Under the direction of the Management Committee this organization manages a variety of community services and projects including:

The programs are funded by various grants including the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) and Department of Health and Family Services.
The Port Kennedy Association encourages input from local peoples into the decision making within the Port Kennedy area. The Association is constantly involved in community projects that are of benefit to the needs of the community.

Our Values

To respect the indigenous people of the Torres Strait region and create harmony and cultural awareness and diversity of all people living in this region.

Aims and Objectives

  • To advise Federal and State Governments on matters affecting the lifestyle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other residents of the Port Kennedy area.
  • To make recommendations to Federal Governments about funding in the Port Kennedy area in order that priorities be established according to various needs of communities and organisations in the area.
  • To assist in establishing services for the communities and organisations in the Port Kennedy Area.
  • To assist and liaise with unified action for equality of representation in dealings by the Peoples of the Port Kennedy and Torres Strait region with the Federal, State, Local Governments and to promote commercial enterprises
  • To promote the interests of all members of the Port Kennedy Association Inc. and residents living in the area of Port Kennedy for the maintenance of their Australian National citizenship and cultural identity.

Our Vision

Empowering and strengthening yumi families in unity and embracing yumi island customs.